At the Helix Wheels Foundation we believe a child in need of mobility, is a child who deserves mobility. Join us as the Helix Wheels Foundation helps children get wheelchairs, wheelchair repairs, and transportation accesories that are needed to enjoy a full life every child deserves. 

– Founder, Randy Betz

A child in need of mobility, is a child who deserves mobility.

Your donation matters and can change a child’s life for ever. 

Multiply the impact program

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Imagine being able to take something as simple, yet powerful as a children’s picture book and turning it into multiple avenues of awesomeness. Project “Multiply The Impact”, is a program that gives you the opportunity to help children, the foundation, and the community.  When you purchase Helix books through this program, they get donated to A.I. duPont Hospital for Children|Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware.  The books will be donated to children in a clinic and/or in the surgical operating room while they wait to see their doctor or have surgery.  In a time where all books have been removed from waiting rooms, this is an amazing opportunity because the child gets to keep the book.  The child will be educated, entertained and distracted from the fact they are in a hospital.  The net proceeds of the books go directly to the Helix Wheels Foundation, which in turn, helps many more children.  The sponsor/donator of the books gets to place their company name and website via a QR code on the inside cover of the book.  Capture more of your audience through the kind act of donating a book.  Parents will be more inclined to visit your website when an incredible kind donation like this is done.

Donate now and help a child in need.