The Helix Wheels Foundation helps children get wheelchairs, wheelchair repairs, and transportation accesories that are needed to enjoy a full life every child deserves. 

Your donation helps children like Cooper, 7-year-old identical triplet, who has been in a wheelchair since he was 2. He had an intrauterine seizure, resulting in brain damage and cerebral palsy. His parents sacraficed a ramp for their house due for all the medical bills, aids, home care, and wheelchair expenses. For the last 7 years they carry him and his wheelchair into the house. So the Helix Wheels Foundation is building a ramp for the family to go right from their driveway into their house. 


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A child in need of mobility, is a child who deserves mobility.

~ Founder, Randy Betz

It all started with a tortoise. During the 2020 pandemic we decided to get a new family pet. I reached out to Torkstork and little did I know that purchasing one tortoise would change our lives in such an immense way. Meeting the founder and owner Randy, he introduced us to the Helix books and we introduced them to Cooper. A few weeks later the Helix Wheels Foundation contacted us to tell us they wanted to give Cooper a ramp. Even though 2020 has not been kind of hectic, we are blessed that something amazing has happen to our family thanks to the Helix Wheels Foundation.

– Lindsey Gaspero 

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